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About us

SIX INCENSE AGARWOOD SDN BHD is a manufacturer that insists on using only pure natural agarwood and specializes in the production of high-quality agarwood raw materials and related products.

In 2013, we began to invest in the agarwood planting industry, focusing on agarwood planting, incense technology, taking incense materials, refining agarwood essential oil, exporting agarwood raw materials, making and producing in our own factories, providing customized services, and creating our own brands. OEM all kinds of agarwood related products.

The company's products have passed the Taiwan SGS safety inspection specifications, safe and non-toxic, no heavy metals, and can be used with peace of mind!

Because we are an agarwood raw material factory, so in addition to agarwood products, any products can be produced and processed for you, agarwood pure essential oil and hydrosol can be made and processed into beauty care products, perfumes, masks, health products, daily necessities, etc., Agarwood leaves can be produced into health care agarwood tea. Not limited to product types, as long as you want to make agarwood-related products, you can make and produce them for you!

The company's vision is to help more people use natural and healthy agarwood products through the many benefits of agarwood and the help of physical health.